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 Ultramantis Black Career Promo on KOF english version

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MessageSujet: Ultramantis Black Career Promo on KOF english version   Ven 1 Fév - 21:09

Saturday, May 25th 2002 Philadelphia, On Chikara , A man is Born ! Or rather a myth, an insect, a an alien: Ultramantis!

and begin to make themselves known!

To let then die Ultramantis and give life has Ultramantis Black!

And so to give life has its popularity and has its circle and has his fans!

Mantis has to give really the best of him since the creation of Chikara, he has answered present in the first show, and It was an honor of the coach and trainning , I really saw that he had quite quality to go tres top when I have him to meet. Mantis was a slogger, a real slogger, he worked every day to entrainer and gave has every show all his possible to make him better

Mantis was not only a good wrestler but also he had a big charisma and an abilité maid in the microphone, ca allowed him(her) to make special offers(classes) often hilarious ,what has considerable gone up its popularity, whether he is the big Heel insect or the Face, people liked Listen Mantis , because he delirious very often , and it pleasing the young person as the big, him was not the favorite of one generation, but all ! It was really incredible to see with a microphone what he(it) made, it really goes licence has Chikara to continue in the world of the wrestling independant, during 10 years Mantis has to give everything for my federation, he fought body and ame has every show, it was as its home(foyer), Mantis has never known other federation than Chikara and KOF, and I Can say it now Mantis, you are a member of the Soul of Chikara for ever!


I was very proud to have been your right arm in the order of Neo Solar Temple, and our relationship and our friendship was not just confined to ringside, you were a great friend, and you remain forever

The KOF adopted him

and made him a star!

Mantis is truly a remarkable person and I am proud to be freed in today, he really can tell if have marked the history of the King of Federation, and that is why it is popular today .


Mantis really show that he was a dangereueux the KOF, especially with his reign of Legend Championship, and we must remember that it is he who holds the record reign, a reign of five months, 5 months Mantis had the Legend belt and this is especially thanks to this reign he begin to appreciate what fans of the KOF and Mantis has become for me one of the most revered of the crowd including his folly and his way of being and made ​​to fight for the fans.

I remember our Wrestlemania match and Hardcore Religion last year for control of KOF, and see all her fans, and not just children, even adults who supported Black, who was really the wrestler people , who was the extraterestre preferé fans. I reminds me that I was treated by many on tweeter user who has brought his supporters Mantis. The most impressive all the same it had been intonation and noise in the room when I was defeated Mantis Hardcore Religion has a holla cries of joy, it was really an amazing night!

Mantis is a really special one ... [Laughs] and we had the ocasion to work together in hilarious angle with santa and doctor azylum, it was a very good memory, I hope we will have the ocasion one day again like angle. if in addition to being a good wrestler, it was really one of a pleasantly friendly backstage, always be prepared to discuss, and very present with his fans that he has spent time enormously, his Black Army as he called! Anyway I hope to see him stay here again for all time

Sunday, January 27 th 2013 on No Place For Losers IV , Ultramantis ...

Extract Video No Place For Losers IV -

•UltraMantis is acclaimed by fans, the KOF universe is standing UMB dark inside the ring, his briefcase in hand, he gives the referee but the match has already happened! UltraMantis Black, who had waited for more than 6 months to kosher his case tried without the slightest attempt, now covers Darren Young: 1 ... 2 ... and Antonio Cesaro dark UMB on a last burst. The alien straightens the KOF Cesaro and throws between the second and third string, Cesaro crashed on the ground, picking UltraMantis Darren Young and connects with the COSMIC DISASTER in the center of the ring! UltraMantis the fallen tent: The fas ... 1 ... sing "UMB" in chorus ... 2 ... Cesaro recovers just using safety barriers ... 3 ...! He did! UltraMantis Black is the new World Champion! The referee rang the bell, UMB finally got the title he wanted so years! UltraMantis Black is our new World Champion! Antonio Cesaro remains outside the ring, he looks UltraMantis Black celebrate his victory a vexed!

Realized the dream of a career

Tonight Ultramantis Black is back at her Phidalephie, 11 years after its debut at the Chikara in the same city with the biggest trophy of his career, the World Championship Heavyweith

And This is Next on KOF HD


La musique donne une âme à nos cœurs, des ailes à notre pensée et un essor à l'imagination >> Platon
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Ultramantis Black Career Promo on KOF english version
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